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Archived Call for ResearchTrustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems (T3S)

Joint T3S-NSF Research Solicitation

T3S is partnering with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to jointly fund research in Secure, Trustworthy, Assured and Resilient Semiconductors and Systems (STARSS). This joint effort builds on a workshop in 2013, which is summarized in a public report: Research Needs for Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable Semiconductors.  The collaboration enhances and accelerates the research and education objectives of all sponsors.

Proposal Submission Deadline

STARSS proposals were prepared according to the published NSF guidelines and submitted by March 26, 2014.

Proposers Webinar

A webinar for potential proposers to the joint T3S-NSF solicitation was held on January 15, 2014. For more information about the event and the webcast archives, visit the NSF event page or follow these direct links to the archives on the NSF site.

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