About SRC

What is SRC?

SRC is a consortia that brings together companies from all over the world to collaborate with university professors and students in tackling fundamental research problems. Our unique model creates the opportunity for member companies to select and guide the research so that it stays relevant to industry member companies and the industry as a whole. Research within SRC is truly a collaborative experience. Research results are shared with members well in advance of publication. Dialogue​ between industry personnel and the university research team is encouraged through the assignment of Liaisons from members companies to specific research tasks, establishing a direct connection between the company and the research they sponsor. Advisory boards, comprised of industry experts, enable a dynamic exchange of information between companies, building a stro​​​nger industry as a whole. The research process also provides a wellspring of graduate talent with relevant industry experience, many of whom go on to work at member companies. Through our unique consortial research model, member companies amplify their investment dollars and gain a unique advantage. 

​​Who are we?

We are a small team of bright people with lofty goals. We know that our work will improve the future and empower our customers. We work hard, we celebrate our successes, we learn from our mistakes. We know that opportunity is disguised as hard work. We are guided by the five principles of SRC corporate culture.
  • Raise your bar
  • Relentless effort
  • Disciplined Imagination
  • Take advantage of every opportunity
  • Align with and challenge each other

​What do we offer?​

Our research crosses the globe and spans a multitude of technology. Trust SRC to complement your R&D strategy.​

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Member-selected, directly relevant research tasks

Early access to research results and publications

Wellspring of industry-ready students available for internship and hire

Connect and collaborate with principal investigators and university students

Network of industry experts with overlapping areas of interest

Support provided by SRC Staff and Program managers

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