SRC Vision, Mission, Charter and Values


SRC operates multiple research programs both in the U.S. as well as globally to provide competitive advantage to its members as the world’s premier university research management consortium delivering early research results which also enables relevantly educated technical talent.


SRC’s Mission is to manage a range of consortial, university research programs some of which are worldwide, each matching the needs of its sponsoring entity. SRC maximizes synergy between programs to optimally address members’ research needs and minimizes redundancy to maximize value to common members.


SRC provides low-overhead research and related programs that meet the needs of the semiconductor industry for technology and relevantly educated talent.

SRC addresses its mission by creating the following outputs (products):

  • Research
  • Talent (Relevantly educated students to meet member company needs worldwide)
  • Global, integrated university research capability
  • Networking opportunities for members

SRC maintains and hones the following core competencies that enable the above products:

  • Early recognition and appropriate funding of paradigm shifts
  • Integration of individual members research needs and interactive preparation of detailed research plans
  • Contracting for research at universities consistent with the subsidiaries' mission terms and conditions which assure members' ability to use results with minimal risk of future encumbrances
  • Management of research programs as appropriate to the subsidiary's management philosophy
  • Intellectual property protection of significant research results, including software, of broad interest to facilitate use of research by members.
  • Timely transfer of research results using (a) Web based tools, (b) appropriate programs (e.g. Liaison and Industry Assignee program) (c) third parties for commercialization of research
  • Student programs throughout various regions of the world, as appropriate, to maximize the flow of talent to the member companies
  • Coordination of identification, analysis, and reporting of key semiconductor R&D issues such as shortfall in funding for research

SRC's products and services are a result of:

  • A Value Proposition that focus on all dimensions of value: Creation, Delivery, Extraction by member community and Enhancement/Advocacy
  • Creation of work environment that attracts and retains a highly qualified staff who is committed to the above Value Proposition
  • Making continuous improvements in quality of its programs and delivery mechanisms through collaboration with its members
  • Global presence
  • Maintaining strong relationship with the university community worldwide which results in the best-in-class research performer base which views SRC as a sponsor of choice
  • Developing relationship with related R&D consortia worldwide and taking leadership in coordinating consortial research agenda to maximize the value for the global membership

SRC obtains funding for its programs by:

  • Recruitment and retention of membership of companies throughout the world engaged in the entire value chain of the semiconductor industry
  • Providing flexible fee algorithm that maximizes value for all market segments
  • Leveraging government funding for semiconductor research in all relevant regions of the world


Total Customer Satisfaction

  • We respect every individual customer
  • We strive to anticipate our customers' current and future needs, and serve to meet and exceed their expectations
  • We use customer satisfaction as the guiding principle in every business decision we make

Highest Standards of Personal Integrity

  • We strive to conduct ourselves at the highest level of personal integrity in all our dealings
  • We seek to create an environment that encourages and inspires the highest levels of integrity in all with whom we interact

Respect for Individual

  • We respect every person
  • We respect and recognize the capability of each individual


  • We help to create a supportive environment for every one at the SRC
  • We strive to work together to realize our individual and collective full potential

Commitment to Excellence

  • We strive for excellence in the quality of our work, our products and the management principles we employ
  • We seek to create an environment in which our research partners (university faculty and students) can achieve excellence.

4819 Emperor Blvd, Suite 300 Durham, NC 27703 Voice: (919) 941-9400 Fax: (919) 941-9450

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