1999 Mahboob Khan Mentor Awards

Mani Janakiram receives award

Mani Janakiram receives award and congratulations from Don Wollesen of AMD.

Mani Janakiram, Intel Corporation
In 1997, SRC mounted a major new initiative in Factory Sciences that posed considerable challenges for forging an effective partnership among SRC, the National Science Foundation, and three competing teams of university researchers. Mani Janakiram stepped up and took charge of this difficult project. In his role as Industry Liaison, he described an overall vision for the proposed work, opened and developed lines of communication among the research teams and industry, and worked closely with selected graduate students. He worked tirelessly to bring the benefits of these interactions back to his company through workshops, recruiting additional liaisons, and encouraging participation of his company's fabs in the research process.

James Ryan is congratulated by Bill Joyner

Bill Joyner of SRC congratulates James Ryan

James Ryan, IBM Corporation
For more than seven years, James Ryan has been involved with the research program at the University at Albany. Whether he is mentoring or advising undergraduate or graduate students at the University, leading and/or serving on various Master's and doctoral thesis committees, or counseling the many university faculty and students who constantly seek him out, Dr. Ryan is doing what he does best: being an inspiring counselor, effective tutor, and exemplary citizen of the SRC community. James Ryan regularly presents specialized courses, technical presentations, and training seminars to both students and faculty at the university. He has provided valuable and relevant summer internships to a number of students, and has recruited a significant number of graduates for IBM.

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