2002 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Mentor Award Winners

Doug Garrity of Motorola has worked with Dr. David Allstot's research team at the University of Washington in the area of Analog to Digital Converters. " Doug's experience enables him to identify marginal ideas in favor of more promising approaches, thus his mentoring allowed, SRC Fellow Douglas Beck to focus on an important research contribution rather than wasting valuable time and resources on incremental ideas."

Ram Kumar Krishnamurthy of Intel, an expert in "High Performance Digital Design", has worked with Dr. Vojin Oklobzija at the University of California/Davis. He has been "instrumental in guiding research toward the needs of the industry, by providing opportunities for graduate students and professors to spend time at Intel."

James Libous of IBM has been an advocate within the SRC community for the work in the field of Advanced Packaging being done by Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan's team at Georgia Tech. Dr. Libous was instrumental in arranging summer industry experiences for several students, exposing them to the industry environment then remaining in contact with the students upon return to the academic community.

Jeffrey Parkhurst of Intel, an industry expert in the field of Circuit Design, has been a long-time advocate of the Industry Liaison Program within the Industry, taking a proactive role in recruiting new liaisons within Intel. His work with the University of California at Berkeley and Davis has provided a beneficial link between professors and students at both these universities and Intel. Jeff has provided leadership in the identification of top PhD research projects that address the needs of the industry community.

Terry Sparks of Motorola has worked on the Alternative Chemistries for Dielectric Etch project at MIT for the last five years. Three SRC students have completed five summer internships at Motorola where they interacted with Terry on a daily basis. An example of the impact to one student is found in Simon Karecki's thesis preface, in it Dr. Karecki thanked Terry, " who taught me all I know about plasma etch."

Charles Szmanda of the Shipley Company has worked with Dr. Paul Nealey's research group in the development of Photoresist Materials and Processes at the University of Wisconsin for the past five years. His understanding of the role of components of chemically amplified resist systems in resist dissolution and pattern development resulted in SRC Fellow, Adam Pawloski's thesis research

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