2004 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Mentor Award Winners


Skip Egley
James (Skip) Egley of Motorola/ Freescale Semiconductor "incarnates the very spirit of an SRC Industry Liaison, " according to Professor Umberto Ravaioli of the University of Illinois/ Urbana-Champaign. He became a collaborator with SRC student Gulzar Kathawala in the development of a new 3-D Monte Carlo Simulation program, providing both an industry perspective and technical expertise. Colleagues, Clarence Tracy and Ramachandran Muralidhar, acknowledge that "Skip's contributions and his mentorship have been key in motivating students and helping them realize the value of their contributions."
Not Available Steven German of IBM is serving on the PhD thesis committee for SRC student, Ritwik Bhattacharya at the University of Utah. According to Professor Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Steve is a mentor who directly interfaces with the students, spends quality time discussing over the phone on a regular basis with them and offers specific direction to their research project. John Darringer of IBM indicates, Steve's involvement has brought a deeper insight into and appreciation of university research and the results are helping IBM keep up with today's technology.
Tim Kam
Mike Kishinevsky
Timothy Kam and Michael Kishinevsky of Intel served as a team with Professor Rajesh Gupta at the University of California/Irvine in the SRC- sponsored SPARK project, a new high-level synthesis methodology that is based on aggressive parallelization of the source code. Former SRC student, Sumit Gupta, spent the summer of 2001 with Tim and Mike at the Strategic CAD Lab in Oregon, enabling him to define the future course of the SPARK project. The work received a best paper award at the VLSI Design Conference in 2003.
TM Mak
TM Mak of Intel has a long history of providing a real-life view to the academic community. Professor Li-C Wang of the University of California/Santa Barbara notes that over the last 3 years TM has visited the campus at least 17 times. TM prepared a presentation for each visit and led a follow-up discussion regarding possible research directions. According to Dr. Wang, " Several of his students have sought technical advice, advice which has had considerable influence in shaping the direction of some projects."
Sani Nassif
Sani Nassif of IBM has participated as an Industry Liaison at the University of Minnesota with Professor Sachin Sapatnekar's research team for a number of years. Currently, the group is working on a project in Circuit Optimization for Low Power and High Speed in the Presence of Uncertainty. Sani has brought an exceptional bridge between industry and the academic community. He significantly influenced the direction of, former SRC student, Haihu Su's research on power grid analysis and optimization along with enabling several students to have a "real-life" experience at IBM's Austin Lab.

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