2005 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Mentor Award Winners

Ching Tsun Chou of Intel was nominated by SRC researcher, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan of the University of Utah, for his special ability to lead and mentor student researchers. According the Dr. Gopalakrishnan, "Ching Tsun's attention to detail, turn-around time for responses, and brilliance of insights offered, are of highest quality. His style of offering these insights is also least disruptive in the sense it is offered as if we thought of it, or helped think about it when in reality the idea might have been nearly 100 % Ching Tsun's own."

Keith Green of Texas Instruments was nominated by Professor Juin J. Liou of the University of Central Florida for his work with a task titled, "Isolated Top and Bottom Gate Junction Field-Effect Transistor Model for Computer-Aided Circuit Design." This task deals with modeling of four-terminal junction-field transistor (JFET). During his weekly teleconference with students at Central Florida, Keith tirelessly provides guidance, directions, and experimental data. During both summers of 2004 and 2005, Keith arranged for student internships at Texas Instruments.

Susheel Jadhav of Intel was nominated by Professor Indranath Dutt of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) for his long and active collaboration with the Miniaturized Impression Creep Test for BGA and FC Solder Joints task. Susheel has been part of the research team since the task began in 2002. During that time he has made quarterly visits to NPS, usually spending one full day in the lab with student researchers, Robert Marks and Deng Pen at each visit. Mr. Jadhav hosted an internship for Dr. Marks at Intel's Chandler facility enabling him to conduct experimental work related to the SRC supported research task. Because of his sustained involvement, tests developed at NPS are being transferred for industry use.

Mike Lamson of Texas Instruments has worked with the packaging research program at the University of Arizona since the late 1980's. He has encouraged a generation of students to pursue advanced degrees. According to Professor John Prince he has "provided significant guidance to carrying out research into modeling and simulation of interconnect performance." According to nominator Allen Bowling of Texas Instruments, Mike has " actively provided test structures to make the results most useful to TI and industry."

Phil Nigh of IBM was nominated by Professor Shawn Blanton of Carnegie Mellon University for his long term relationship with SRC's research community. Dr. Nigh has conducted "regular teleconference meetings (at least twice a month and sometimes even once a week) to discuss the plans and progress made towards "executing" the project on real-life chips. He has connected several SRC research task participants with test and design data so that they can execute their current methodologies on chips currently in production. Dr. Hank Walker of Texas A & M describes Phil as "everything we want a good mentor to be - enthusiastic, patient, encouraging, teaching, and learning."

Adam Pawloski of AMD worked with Dr. Grant Willson and his large group of students at the University of Texas at Austin. As an alumni of SRC's Graduate Fellowship program Dr. Pawloski is a role model as he develops relationships with current SRC students. Nominator, Grant Willson, notes that "his input on the design of the experiments has been invaluable not only to the research but also to the growth of the students involved in the project." Dr. Pawloski has been especially proactive in introducing students to the work environment at AMD, enabling many to experience and be exposed to state-of-the-art tools and industry practices.

Koneru Ramakrishna of Freescale has a long history of working with the university community. Currently, he is working with Professors William King and Yogendara Joshi at Georgia Tech on their task titled, "Electron Transport Size Effect and Joule Heating in Nanoscale Metallic Interconnects Embedded in Novel Low-k Dielectric Materials." He established a particularly close relationship with SRC supported student, Siva Gurrum. According to nominator, William King, "Mr. Gurrum received specific guidance on the direction of his research and general guidance on the career choices he has been making."

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