2008 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Mentor Award Winners

The Mahboob Khan Outstanding Mentor Award recognizes individuals who, in serving as SRC GRC Industry Liaisons, have had significant impact on the technical contributions of the research, have been instrumental in transferring the research results to industry, and are deeply committed to the education of graduate students. Nominations for individuals serving as Industry Liaisons are accepted from members of the SRC GRC community including SRC GRC-sponsored university researchers and graduate students.

(standing) Henning Braunisch/Intel, Kemal Aygun/Intel, Stefan Zollner/Freescale, Magdy Abadir/Freescale
(seated) Anne Gattiker/IBM, Friedrich Taenzler/Texas Instruments, Taras Kirichenko/Freescale

Magdy S. Abadir of Freescale for his work with Professor Li-C Wang of the University of California/Santa Barbara. Magdy was cited for his committment to students. He has arranged several industry internships, continuing the relationship with students when they returned to campus as well as serving on a number of Ph.D. committees.

The team of Kemal Aygun and Henning Braunisch of Intel for their work with Dr. Paul Franzon at North Carolina State University and Professor Weng Cho Chew of the University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign. Drs. Augun and Braunisch provided leadership to PI Franzon that enabled research results to reflect important issues versus purely academic issues. Dr. Chew's student, Maokun Li, spent two summers interning under the their direction, allowing him to elevate research theory to real-world applications.

Anne E. Gattiker of IBM for her work at Carnegie Mellon University with Dr. Shawn Blanton's students. Anne has arranged several industry internships that give students a glimse to what is needed by industry. She has been an active Ph.D. committee member to GRC students providing real life input into academic research.

Taras A. Kirichenko of Freescale for work with the students of Dr. Sanjay Banerjee at the University of Texas/Austin. His vision, infectious enthusiasm and a passion for research was mentioned by several students who have been influenced by Taras. According to one student, he played an important role in bridging the gap between university research and industry needs by being available to discuss and provide feedback.

Ruchir Puri of IBM with Professor David Pan at the University of Texas/Austin. Ruchir has encouraged this PI to stay relevant with industry needs and to solve really crucial problems. Ruchir enabled the ultimate technology transfer - the hiring of highly qualified individuals that brings novel/out-of-the-box ideas to real industry challenges, through his long term relationship with students.

Robert Rosenberg of IBM for work at Cornell University with Professor David Muller and at the University at Albany with Kathleen Dunn. Dr. Rosenberg's vast experience has been an inspiration to GRC professors and students alike. Dr. Dunn's acknowledges that Bob was instrumental in the restructuring of a struggling project to align it perfectly with industry's needs and its ultimate success.

Friedrich J. Taenzler of Texas Instruments for collaboration with Dr. Sule Ozev at Duke University. Friedrich's critical eye has provided a fair and balanced assessment to Dr. Ozev's graduate student. This input guided the student to look at problems from an industry setting point-of-view and consider how academic aspects can be applied to industry.

Stefan Zollner of Freescale with Dr. Alex Demkov of the University of Texas/Austin. Stefan's relationship with this research project began before the university became involved, he recognized the problem and found the right team to do the research. His invovlment continued through the funding process and the implementation process. He met bi-weekly with the research team and was coauthor on a number of papers, in addition he enabled a student to present a paper at an international meeting.

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