Technical Excellence Award

technical excellence award

The Technical Excellence Award, first presented in 1991, recognizes research of exceptional value to SRC members. This award recognizes key contributors of innovative technology that significantly enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the semiconductor industry. Nominations are from industry, indicating the extent to which results from SRC-funded programs are being applied or likely will be applied by the industry.

SRC Professors can be nominated by any member of the SRC community. The award is presented at TECHCON.


2023 Award

Professor Srabanti Chowdhury of Stanford University

2022 Award

Professor Ganesh Subbarayan of Purdue Award Acceptance

2021 Award

Professor Arijit Raychowdhury from Georgia Tech Award Acceptance

2020 Award

Professor Stacey Bent from Stanford University for "Seminal contributions in area selective deposition and semiconductor patterning technologies that have accelerated sub-10nm scaling" Award Acceptance

2019 Award

Professor Jian-Ping Wang from the University of Minnesota for "Innovations and Discoveries in Nanomagnetics and Novel Materials that Accelerated the Production of Magnetic Random-access Memories." Award Presentation

2018 Award

Professor Krishnendu Chakrabarty from Duke University for "Pioneering Solutions to the Test Challenges for 3D Integrated Circuits." Award Presentation

2017 Award

Professor Dimitri Antoniadis from MIT for "Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Physics, Technology, and Modeling." Award Presentation

2016 Award

The 2016 award was presented to Professor Chris Kim from the University of Minnesota for “Silicon Odometer for Transistor Aging Monitoring”. Award Presentation

2015 Award

The 2015 honor was presented to 2 recipients, Professor Muhammad Ashraf Alam from Purdue University for “Reliability Physics of Scaled CMOS and More-than-Moore Technologies” and Professor Subhasish Mitra from Stanford University for “Validation of Multi-Core System Technology: QED (Quick Error Detection) Award Presentation

2014 Award

The 2014 Technical Excellence Award was presented to Ken Goodson from Stanford University for his SRC-Funded work in the area of "Microscale Thermal & Mechanical Metrology for 3D with Integrated Thermal Cycling". Award Presentation

2013 Award

The 2013 Technical Excellence Award was presented to Professor David Pan from the University of Texas/Austin, for his SRC-funded work in the area of “Nanometer IC Design for Manufacturability. Poster Presentation | Award Presentation

2012 Award

The 2012 Technical Excellence Award was presented to Professor Jesus del Alamo from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for his SRC-funded work advancing silicon and compound semiconductor transistor technologies for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications..” Poster Presentation | Award Presentation

2011 Award

The 2011 Technical Excellence Award was presented to Professors Robert Brayton and Alan Mischenko from the University of California, Berkeley, for their work in “Innovative Synthesis and Verification.”   Award Presentation

2010 Award

The 2010 Technical Excellence Award was presented to Professor Li-C. Wang and his team at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for their work in “Data Mining and Learning for Test and Validation.”  Poster Presentation | Award Presentation

2008 Award

The 2008 Technical Excellence Award was presented to a team of researchers from Portland State University led by Professor W. Robert Daasch, and supported by students Liwei Ning, and Amit Nahar for their research, "Burn-in Reduction: Improving Outlier Screening". Poster presentation | Award Presentation

2007 Award

Professor Madhavan Swaminathan along with his team of current and former Georgia Tech students, Jinwoo Choi, Rohan Mandrekar, and Krishna Srinvasan, were recognized for their work entitled "Modeling and Co-Simulation of Power Distribution Networks for Digital and Mixed-Signal Systems." Poster presentation | Award Presentation

2006 Award

Professor Gennady Gildenblat and his student Weimin Wu of Arizona State University received the award for work that some say has revolutionized MOSFET Modeling. The work was recently selected as the next standard compact MOSFET model by the Compact Model Council. Award Presentation

2005 Award

Professor Kaushik Roy of Purdue University and his team of 11 student researchers were selected for their investigations in the various aspects of device/circuit and architecture design for ultra-low power digital sub-threshold operations. More information about the research team

2004 Award

SRC selected three professors who lead two technical programs, one at the University of Washington and the other at Carnegie Mellon University as recipients of the 2004 Technical Excellence Award. Dr. Mani Soma's work in "Test Methods for RF Systems” has influenced many within the SRC community. Professors Rick Carley and Rob Rutenbar have a long relationship with SRC; their work in "Electronic Design Automation for Analog / Mixed-Signal Design" has made an impact among several SRC member companies. Award Presentation

2003 Award

Professor Sachin Sapatnekar of the University of Minnesota was honored for his work in the area of "Analysis and Optimization of Signal and Supply Networks". Richard Schinella, Chairman of SRC Board of Directors recognized his achievements at TECHCON 2003. Award Presentation

2001 Award

Professors Supriyo Datta and Mark Lundstrom of Purdue University were presented the Technical Excellence Award for their work in the area "Device Physics and Simulation of nanoscale MOSFETs". Award Presentation

2000 Award

Dr. Jason Cong of the University of California/Los Angeles was recognized for his work in the area "Interconnect Estimation Planning and Synthesis for Deep Sub-micron Designs". Award Presentation

1999 Award

Dr. Lawrence Pileggi of Carnegie Mellon University was honored at the Techcon 2000 for his work on "Simplified Inductance and Capacitance Extraction Algorithms." Award Presentation

1998 Award

Dr. Sung-Mo (Steve) Kang of the University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign received the award for his work in "Modeling, Simulation and Design Guidelines for VLSI Reliability". Dr. David Joy of the University of Tennessee received the award for "Ultra Low Energy Electron Imaging for Metrology at 0.13 and Below." Award Presentation

1997 Award

Dr. William Oldham, Dr. Richard Schenker and Dr. Fan Piao of the University of California/Berkeley for their work on "Advanced Lithography Research Network." This research involved the study of how light affects the lithographic lens materials used in semiconductor manufacturing. Press Release

1996 Award

Dr. Grant Willson, Dr. Tsutomu Shimokawa, Mr. Kyle Patterson, Mr. Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu, and Mr. David Medeiros of the University of Texas/Austin for their work on "Advanced Resists." This research involved the investigation of new chemical platforms for the design of high performance 193-nm photoresists.

1995 Award

Dr. Randall Bryant, Dr. Edmund Clarke, and Dr. Kenneth McMillan of Carnegie Mellon University, for their work on "Formal Verification Techniques: Development of SMV Technique and Application to Formal Verification."

Dr. Kang Wang, Mr. Martin Tanner, Dr. Xingyu Zheng, Dr. Timothy Carns, and Mr. Shawn Thomas of the University of California/Los Angeles for their research on "Properties and Device Application of Si-Based Quantum Structures."

1994 Award

Dr. Carl Sechen and Dr. William Swartz of the University of Washington for their work on "Layout Optimization".

Dr. Mark Kushner, Dr. Peter Ventzek, Mr. Seung Choi and Mr. Robert Hoekstra of the University of Illinois for their work on "Computer Modeling of Plasma Reactors."

1993 Award

Dr. Mark Law, Mr. Heemyong Park, Mr. Chih-Chuan Lin, Mr. Minchang Liang and Mr. Stephen Cea of the University of Florida for their work on "Device and Process Simulation for Assessment of Advanced IC Technologies."

Dr. Joe Greene and Ms. Lucia Markert of the University of Illinois for their work on "Accelerated-Ion Doping During MBE Si and Si(1-x)Ge(x) Film Growth."

1992 Award

Dr. Wojciech Maly and Dr. Thomas Storey of Carnegie Mellon University for their work on "IDDQ Testing and the Quality of IC Test."

Dr. Thomas M. Niemczyk of the University of New Mexico, and Dr. David M. Haaland and Dr. David K. Melgaard of Sandia National Labs for their work on "Chemometrics for the Analysis of Dielectric films - Multivariate Analysis of FTIR Spectra for B and P Concentration and Thickness of BPSG Films."

1991 Award

Dr. Al F. Tasch, Jr, Dr. Christine M. Maziar and Dr. Hyungsoon Shin of the University of Texas/Austin for their work on "MOSFET Structure for Deep Submicron ULSI Processes."

Dr. Ronald A. Rohrer and Dr. Lawrence Pileggi of Carnegie Mellon University for their work on "Asymptotic Waveform Estimator (AWE)."

Dr. Farhang Shadman, Dr. Robert A. Governal, Mr. Asad M. Haider, and Ms. Alison Bonner of the University of Arizona their work on "Contamination Control in Gases and Liquids."

Dr. Chenming Hu, Dr. Ping K. Ko, Dr. Peter M. Lee, Dr. Boon-Khim Liew, Dr. Elyse Rosenbaum, and Dr. J. David Burnett of University of California/Berkeley for their work on "Berkeley Reliability Tool (BERT)."

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