2006 Technical Excellence Award

Gennady Gildenblat
Weimin Wu

The 2006 Technical Excellence Award was presented by SRC Board of Directors' Chairman, Hans Stork at the November 2006 Board of Directors' meeting.

The Technical Excellence Award is given annually to researchers who, over a period of years, have demonstrated creative, consistent contributions to the field of semiconductor research; who are ground-breakers and leaders in their fields; and who are regarded as model collaborators with their colleagues in the SRC member community. The Award is shared among researchers who have made key contributions to technology that significantly enhance the productivity of the semiconductor industry. The award consists of a $5,000 cash award which is divided equally among the research contributors.

This year, the award is presented for work that some say has revolutionized MOSFET Modeling. The work was recently selected as the next standard compact MOSFET model by the Compact Model Council. According to nominator, Colin McAndrews of Freescale Semiconductor, "he has assiduously leveraged industry partners to make sure his model solves real problems. And, apart from BSIM, his model is the most successful modeling work funded by SRC in terms of making its way into simulators and being used by, and having an impact on the industry."

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the SRC Board of Directors that I award the 2006 Technical Award to Professor Gennady Gildenblat and his student Weimin Wu. Dr. Gildenblat and Mr. Wu have just recently moved to the Arizona State University after many years as researchers at the Pennsylvania State University.

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