Putting Watson to Work

TECHCON 2013 Special Session

Richard Talbot, Director, PLM of the IBM Poser Systems

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Presented: Monday, September 9 at TECHCON 2013

Richard Talbot, Director Product Management, IBM

The IBM Jeopardy! Challenge represented a major milestone in the development of artificial intelligence systems. While the Grand Challenge for IBM Research was winning the three game Jeopardy! tournament, IBM's broader vision for Watson targets the development of broadly applicable, commercial technologies capable of digesting a variety of structured and unstructured information and responding with precise answers to questions posed in natural language. IBM and several clients have now challenged themselves to successfully migrate Watson's sophisticated analytics capabilities to solving real world challenges in Healthcare, Finance, Banking and many other industries. 

The TECHCON New Frontiers presenter was Richard Talbot, who was involved early in the Watson program, delving into current and future technical and business implications of DeepQA and the Natural Language Processing technologies behind Watson. Talbot currently serves as Director, Product Line Management of the IBM Power Systems business based in Austin, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin (MS Electrical Engineering) and Rice University. He is an IBM Executive, holds five U.S. Patents and has also been recognized with several awards for management excellence. Also, as the IBM Executive Advocate for the Texas Medical Center and Rice University, Richard works closely with these organizations to deploy new computational and analytics technologies in the search for new treatment options and cures for complex disease processes.

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