Biography: Paul England

Paul England

Paul England is a Software Architect at Microsoft. He has worked on many platform security technologies over the last decade or so: He co-invented sealing and attestation, and then led the incorporation of these technologies into the original TPM specification. He also designed - and then worked with hardware partners to deliver - several of the newer secure-boot and isolation technologies that are now common in CPUs.

He currently runs a research and incubation group investigating security, storage and networking. On the security side, recent successes have included editing the new TPM2.0 specification, helping with the Windows-8 TPM-related security features, and working with hardware partners to incorporate TPMs at low cost into many current microprocessors.

Prior to Microsoft Paul was manager of a team of researchers and technologists at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore). He worked on early web services, distributed systems, high-performance computing and multimedia servers.

Paul has a Ph.D. in physics from Imperial College London, and a B.Sc. in physics from the University of Birmingham.

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