TrueNorth Ecosystem

2016 was a breakthrough year for TrueNorth Ecosystem with the Misha Mahowald Prize, induction into the Computer History Museum, and the R&D Magazine Scientist of the Year.  I will describe progress that includes
- delivery of single-chip NS1e systems to Army Research Lab;  
- delivery of scale-out NS1e16 systems to Air Force and Army Research Labs;  
- delivery of scale-up NS16e system to Lawrence Livermore National Lab;  
- end-to-end demonstration of TrueNorth with Samsung and iniLabs DVS sensors;  
- development of placement algorithms for scale-up NS16e systems;  
- development of convolutional networks for TrueNorth with > 6000 frames / sec / Watt on CIFAR 100;  
- real-time streaming interface to TrueNorth;  and
- applications by nearly 150 developers at 40+ universities and government agencies.
Finally, I will provide a glimpse into 2017 directions.

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