Solicitation for Concepts for Research:
Novel Devices for Information Processing

Semiconductor Research Corporation is seeking proposals from the North American University community for research related to novel devices.* Proposals are sought related to novel device structures, arrays or nanosystems that have the potential to process and store information at a speed, density and energy efficiency that greatly exceed (100x) those projected for silicon CMOS at the 35-nm node. Integration and performance targets guiding this research are: integration density (>2x1011 functions/cm2), extremely high-speed (<20fs/(switch element state change operation)), extremely high data transfer speed (0.7 ps/data transfer operation) and highly energy efficient (<3x10-4 fJ/(switch element state change operation)).

Research on specific novel structures is encouraged, as is research in directions that have promise for uncovering new device and system concepts. Research into system architectures, materials growth and processing required to achieve the proposed structures is included. Modeling and simulation research that is tightly coupled to novel devices and technology tasks is included, for inventing structures, predicting/understanding device operation, growth and fabrication. Research into architectures required for useful information processing systems is included, as is advanced metrologies specific to novel structures.

The proposal should contain a clear, concise description of the physical concepts proposed and should identify and discuss the known technical challenges. The proposal should also contain estimates of the eventual potential of the proposed approach based on simple, first order analysis. Furthermore, first order modeling and simulation of "novel device/technology action" may enable novel device discovery/exploration prior to fabrication and demonstration of the proposed structure.

Proposal Timetable
Event Deadline
Publication of CFR 3/15/2000
Deadline to Submit Proposals 05/19/2000
Notification of Proposal Review Results 07/12/2000
Program/Funding Start 08/01/2000

Please direct your technical questions to Jim Hutchby, Director, Advanced Device Thrust, NIS Science Area ( All other questions and responses should be directed to Shannon McMillen (

*A novel device could be a switch with multiple levels or functions that performs logic and memory functions similar to today's MOSFET, but offering two orders-of-magnitude improvement over CMOS. However, "novel device" more likely would be associated with entirely new concepts for and technologies related to information processing, storage, transmission (i.e., computation, storage and interconnection). Examples of currently identified structures that might be considered as future CMOS replacements include (but are not limited to) single electron transistors and coulomb blockade based devices; quantum dots, wires and arrays. Novel devices most likely will require new and novel circuit architectures and new materials and fabrication techniques.

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