Request for White Papers in Front End Process

The Semiconductor Research Corporation periodically reviews its research portfolio to assure a balance of university research to meet the needs of SRC member companies. The Material and Process Science area of SRC anticipates being able to add to this work a number of research tasks in Front End Processing in 2002. The SRC is seeking white papers from the international university community for research directed to needs in the following areas of Front End Processing. These areas have been chosen by the members of SRC to fill gaps in the required scientific understanding of future technology for devices beyond the 45 nm node of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. Interested researchers should note the schedule below. These steps will permit the funding of projects in August 2002.

White papers are invited which address one or more of the following topics:

Top Research Topics
Mobility degradation mechanisms and techniques to improve carrier mobility in ultra-short channel devices.
Fundamental materials modeling and characterization for high-K materials/defects/interfaces.
Reliability and conduction mechanisms of high-K metal oxide gate dielectrics.
Diffusion/activation/defects in Si/SiGe/Ge systems including stress and impurity effects. Characterization of the impact and evolution of epitaxy-related defects in a full device flow (for Si and Si-Ge).
Stress dependence of diffusion, dopant activation, and defect evolution. Stress could be generated by a variety of means (overlayers, oxidation, implantation, material differences). The research could follow the influence of stress on dopant diffusion and structure or on electrical device performance.

Single university investigators or collaborating university investigator teams are encouraged to submit white papers. The scope of tasks will be on the order of $100K - $150K and should include 1-3 students. The standard SRC White Paper format and submission process should be followed. Following submission of a 1-2 page white paper in the specified format by April 19, 2002, SRC member company reviewers will select a group from which full, university-approved proposals will be requested by June 20, 2002. (Proposers will be asked to disclose and address any background intellectual property that must be licensed separately to practice the research.) Proposals for funding will be selected from these submissions with contract starts anticipated August 1, 2002.

White Paper and Proposal Timetable
Event Deadline
Publication of RFWP 3/22/2002
Deadline to Submit White Papers 4/19/2002
Proposals Requested 5/20/2002
Deadline to Submit Proposals 6/14/2002
Contract Awards Announced 7/10/2002
Program/Funding Start 8/1/2002

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