Request for White Papers: Silicon-Based CMOS Nanoelectronics Research

Semiconductor Research Corporation is seeking white papers from the international university community for research directed to exploration of advanced non-classical CMOS and related transistor structures and their associated front-end materials and processes. The intent of this research is to aid SRC's member companies in their efforts to extend integrated circuit technology to its ultimate limit at and, perhaps, beyond the 22-nm ITRS node. This advanced integrated circuit technology, combining structural, material and fabrication innovations, is intended to extend high-speed and low-power integrated circuit performance for the next decade and beyond. Particular focus is on issues related to the time horizon between the 32- to 22-nm nodes. Proposed research should aim at providing SRC's members with fundamental insights and information related to non-classical n- and p-channel device structures synergistically combined with front-end processes suitable for ULSI integration in a high-volume manufacturing environment.

The research needs associated with extending device technology to its ultimate limit encompass all ideas and approaches including new transistor structures and related new materials, front-end fabrication processes, modeling and simulation (especially FEP related), and novel characterization and metrology techniques. Device structures of interest include but are not limited to ultra-thin body devices utilizing double or multiple gates and ground planes, based on SOI technology, epitaxy, etc., and devices including alternate materials for the channel and other parts of the structure. Front-end materials, fabrication processes, and modeling topics of interest include but are not limited to substrate engineering for enhanced mobility, extremely low-resistance source/drain contact technologies, processes to make alternate device structures, and some issues relevant to the new high-k gate stack materials (e.g., reliability). Modeling of non-classical device structures is beyond the scope of this solicitation.

Additional information regarding technology barriers and prioritized research needs associated with this solicitation will be found in the document "Research Needs for Extending CMOS to its Ultimate Limit". Single investigators are encouraged to submit proposals as are groups of investigators (representing one or multiple universities) proposing a well-coordinated program offering a coherent attack on the most important research needs.

Following review some of the white papers will be selected as finalists, and these authors will be invited to submit full detailed proposals for research. Selection of the programs to fund will be made from these proposals.

White Paper, Proposal and Program Timetable
Event Deadline
Publication of Request for White Papers March 18, 2003
White Papers Due to SRC April 11, 2003
Invitation to Submit Proposals May 16, 2003
Proposals Due to SRC June 27, 2003
Preliminary Notification of Decision of the Review Team August 8, 2003
Notification of Final Program Selection Results September 15, 2003
Program/Funding Start October 1, 2003

Please direct your technical questions to Jim Hutchby, Manager, Advanced Device Thrust (, and Jason Jenq, Manager, Front End Processing Thrust ( All other questions and responses should be directed to Shannon Geddes (



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