Solicitation Rating in OpenWater


Rating is completed by member company representatives via the OpenWater platform. To assist with internal collaboration, SRC will provide a ratings package to the Designated Company Rater, who shares it with their colleagues. Then the designated rater will submit the company's final selection decisions to SRC using the OpenWater platform.


Each company is assigned a single rater per solicitation. This person is called the Designated Company Rater ("rater"). The rater is responsible for

  • Communicating with internal stakeholders within their company
  • Providing a single rating for their company to the SRC official solicitation

Raters will have access to the solicitation and be provided a package which can be used internally for offline collaboration. This process happens outside of SRC.


Step 1: Member Company Offline Collaboration Process

The proposal admin will supply each designated rater with an offline rating package. This package will contain the PI submission information as well as links to the submissions. This file can be distributed to the internal stakeholders and will allow them to access the submissions.

The rater can also download the Submission Details Report from the OpenWater rating platform, as shown here. 

screen shot that shows where to find the submission details report


Step 2. Rating Submissions in OpenWater

The rater will have access to the OpenWater rating platform where the final votes will be submitted.

Log into the OpenWater platform at

Choose 'My Rating Assignments' from the menu on the left. Find the solicitation you are looking for, and choose 'Open' under the Action header. Select a category or all categories.

Example: Filter by Category

Raters can use the category filter to focus on submissions within a single category.

shows an example of what a submission looks like

Example: White Paper Ratings

shows an example of rating white paper submissions

Example: Proposal Ratings

shows an example of rating proposals

Example: Submission Display

Click 'View Application' to select a specific application. The submission will display a thumbnail of the document. If the thumbnail image does not work for you, there is a Download to PDF link on the page.

shows an example of what a submission looks like

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