​Prepare offline proposal package

Use the proposal templates to prepare your proposal. Once the proposal parts have been prepared, they must be converted to PDF format and combined in the following order.

​Cover Page. ​A signed ​copy of the cover sheet is to be included as the first page of your uploaded proposal document.  

Overview of Research. This section is less structured and more narrative than the Research Catalog page. This is an opportunity for you to be creative (but not verbose) in characterizing the value of your proposed research—its technical merit, innovative approach and relevance to industry—and the strength of your research team. Remember this is an overview of your entire research, individual task descriptions should be described in the research catalog pages. The overview section should be no more than three (3) pages for JUMP and no more than five (5) pages for other proposals, not including references.  

Research Catalog page. SRC requires that each funded research task is described in a common structure—for incorporation into the online Research Catalog. Some contracts have a single defined task; if you are proposing multiple tasks, include one catalog page per task. Note that there are strict word limits for each section of the Catalog page.

Finance plan. This spreadsheet includes three Excel worksheets. In some cases you will be duplicating the worksheets for multiple years or multiple participants.
Annual budget. Duplicate the budget worksheet so that you have one for each contract year. Each year’s budget must be signed by the PI and the appropriate university official.

Other support. List all other sources of funding support, current and pending. Complete a copy of this worksheet for each researcher.
Monthly expenditures. This is essentially your burn rate, and assists SRC in planning its cash flow and monitoring your progress.