​SRC sponsors research at Universities worldwide. In return for sponsoring the research, SRC receives certain Intellectual Property (IP) rights. The primary goal of SRC’s IP policy is to provide Members and Participants freedom to practice the results of sponsored research. 

SRC-Sponsored Patents​

SRC's Science Directors and the CIP Office are available to assist researchers in identifying inventions from their SRC-sponsored research that may be eligible for patent protection. The identification of IP is a shared responsibility, and researchers are expected to be pro-active with respect to this mutually beneficial pursuit given that the University owns the SRC-sponsored patent.

SRC Patent Application Process

Inventions resulting from SRC-sponsored research must be submitted to SRC at least 60 days prior to any publication or dissemination. Potentially patentable inventions should be reported by submitting a University Invention Disclosure.

Researchers should contact their University Tech Transfer office to document an SRC-sponsored invention. Once documented, researchers should submit the invention disclosure to the University Tech Transfer office and the CIP office in parallel to expedite the evaluation process.

SRC will conduct an evaluation of the invention and determine whether SRC wishes to sponsor a patent application. If SRC determines that it is beneficial to its Members or Participants to sponsor a patent application, SRC will notify the University’s office responsible for technology transfer.