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Load Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier Integrated Circuits Including Transformer-Based Hybrid Splitter/Combiner Circuits

Chandrakanth R. Chappidi (Princeton); Zheng Liu (Princeton); Kaushik Sengupta (Princeton); tushar sharma (Princeton)
Patent Issued (on 2-Apr-2024)
Application Type: Utility

Methods and Systems for Transmission and Detection of Free Radicals

Joshua M. Blatz (U of Wisconsin/Madison); Faraz Choudhury (U of Wisconsin/Madison); Benjamin Minkoff (U of Wisconsin/Madison); Grzegorz Sabat (U of Wisconsin/Madison); J. Leon Shohet (U of Wisconsin/Madison); Michael Sussman (U of Wisconsin/Madison)
Patent Issued (on 28-Dec-2023)
Application Type: Utility

System and Method for Defense Against Cache Timing Channel Attacks using Cache Management Hardware

Milos Doroslovacki (GWU); Hongyu Fang (GWU); Guru Prasadh Venkataramani (GWU); Fan Yao (GWU)
Patent Issued (on 2-Jan-2024)
Application Type: Utility

System for Estimating a Number of Shorted turns in a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Inter Turn Short Circuit Faults

Bilal Akin (UT/Dallas); Vigneshwaran Gurusamy (UT/Dallas); Chen Li (UT/Dallas)
Patent Issued (on 12-Dec-2023)
Application Type: Utility
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