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  • P092832 NRI Paper

    Compact Modeling and Design of Magneto-electric Transistor Devices and Circuits

    Nishtha Sharma (UT/Dallas), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Andrew Marshall (UT/Dallas), Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 10-Nov-2017

  • P092802 NRI

    Surfaces and Interfaces of Magnetoelectric Oxide Systems

    Shi Cao (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 6-Nov-2017

  • P092694 NRI Poster

    Center for NanoFerroic Devices

    Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Ilya Krivorotov (UC/Irvine), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Uttam Singisetti (Univ. at Buffalo), Chang-Beom Eom (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Kirill Belashchenko (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Xia Hong (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Andrei Slavin (Oakland Univ.), John Xiao (Univ. of Delaware)

    Received 19-Oct-2017

  • P092652 NRI Annual Review

    Center for NanoFerroic Devices (CNFD)

    Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Ilya Krivorotov (UC/Irvine)

    Received 16-Oct-2017

  • P092602 NRI Annual Review

    Theme 3: Spin Wave Devices

    Ilya Krivorotov (UC/Irvine)

    Received 12-Oct-2017

  • P092566 NRI Poster

    Interfacial Charge Engineering in Ferroelectric Controlled Mott Transistors via Interfacial Charge Transfer

    Xuegang Chen (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Xin Zhang (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Mark A. Koten (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Hanghui Chen (NYU Shanghai), Le Zhang (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Zhiyong Xiao (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Jeffrey E. Shield (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Xia Hong (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 5-Oct-2017

  • P092511 NRI Paper

    Nanoscale Bubble Domains and Topological Transitions in Ultrathin Ferroelectric Films

    Qi Zhang (The University of New South Wales, Australia), Lin Xie (Nanjing University), Guangqing Liu (The University of New South Wales, Australia), Sergei Prokhorenko (U Arkansas/Fayetteville), Yousra Nahas (U Arkansas/Fayetteville), Xiaoqing Pan (UC/Irvine), Laurent Bellaiche (U Arkansas/Fayetteville), Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Nagarajan Valanoor (The University of New South Wales, Australia)

    Received 27-Sep-2017

  • P092408 NRI Poster

    Evaluation of the Electrical Stability of Co3O4(111) on Ru(0001) for Spintronic Applications

    Michael D. Randle (Univ. at Buffalo), Chad S. Ladewig (Univ. of North Texas), Jeffry A. Kelber (Univ. of North Texas), Opeyemi B. Olanipekun (Univ. of North Texas), Jubin Nathawat (Univ. at Buffalo), Chun Pui Kwan (Univ. at Buffalo), Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Priyanka Chakraborti (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Tao Cheng (Caltech), William A. Goddard (Caltech)

    Received 19-Sep-2017

  • P092400 NRI Paper

    Tunneling Hot Spots in Ferroelectric SrTiO3

    Haidong Lu (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Daesu Lee (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Konstantin Klyukin (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Lingling Tao (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Bo Wang (Penn State), Hyungwoo Lee (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Jungwoo Lee (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Tula R. Paudel (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Long-Qing Chen (Penn State), Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Vitaly Alexandrov (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Chang-Beom Eom (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 18-Sep-2017

  • P092383 NRI Presentation

    Voltage-controlled Exchange Bias: A Building Block for Ultra-low Power Memory and Logic Device Applications

    Will Echtenkamp (U Nebraska/Lincoln), X. He (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Michael Street (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Ather Mahmood (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Junlei Wang (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Kirill Belashchenko (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 15-Sep-2017

  • P092379 NRI Presentation

    Linear and Nonlinear Spin-wave Mode Localization in a Spin-torque Oscillator with a Field Well

    Roman Verba (NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv), Vasyl Tyberkevych (Oakland Univ.), Andrei Slavin (Oakland Univ.)

    Received 14-Sep-2017

  • P092378 NRI Paper

    Reversible Spin Texture in Ferroelectric HfO2

    Lingling Tao (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Tula R. Paudel (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Alexey Kovalev (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln)

    Received 14-Sep-2017

  • P092377 NRI Paper

    Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions: Crossing the Wall

    Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Julian P. Velev (University of Puerto Rico)

    Received 14-Sep-2017

  • P092376 NRI Paper

    Antiferromagnetic Spin Current Rectifier

    Roman Khymyn (Oakland Univ.), Vasil Tiberkevich (Oakland Univ.), Andrei Slavin (Oakland Univ.)

    Received 14-Sep-2017

  • P092375 NRI Paper

    Magnon-Magnon Interactions in a Room-Temperature Magnonic Bose-Einstein Condensate

    Oleksandr Dzyapko (University of Muenster), Ivan Lisenkov (Oregon State Univ.), Patrik Nowik-Boltyk (University of Muenster), Vladislav E. Demidov (University of Muenster), Sergej O. Demokritov (University of Muenster), Benny Koene (Radboud University), Andrei Kirilyuk (Radboud University), Theo Rasing (Radboud University), Vasyl Tiberkevich (Oakland Univ.), Andrei Slavin (Oakland Univ.)

    Received 14-Sep-2017

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