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  • P093044 STARnet Paper

    Binary Ring-LWE Hardware with Power Side-Channel Countermeasures

    Aydin Aysu (UT/Austin), Andreas Gerstlauer (UT/Austin), Michael E. Orshansky (UT/Austin), Mohit Tiwari (UT/Austin)

    Received 12-Jan-2018

  • P093043 STARnet Paper

    An End-to-End Reconfigurable Engine for Automata Processing

    Ted Xie (Univ. of Virginia), Chunkun Bo (Univ. of Virginia), John Wadden (Univ. of Virginia), Mircea R. Stan (Univ. of Virginia), Kevin Skadron (Univ. of Virginia), Vinh Q. Dang (Univ. of Virginia)

    Received 12-Jan-2018

  • P093041 Software Description STARnet

    PyCo - a Python Library for Contract-based Synthesis

    Antonio Iannopollo (UC/Berkeley), Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 11-Jan-2018

  • P093040 Software Description STARnet

    Contract-based Heterogeneous Analysis and System Exploration (CHASE)

    Pierluigi Nuzzo (UC/Berkeley), Michele Lora (University of Verona), Yishai Feldman (IBM), Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 11-Jan-2018

  • P093039 NRI

    Intrinsic and Induced Surface Defects in MoSe2

    Rafik Addou (UT/Dallas), Christopher R. Cormier (UT/Dallas), Christopher M. Smyth (UT/Dallas), Robert M. Wallace (UT/Dallas)

    Received 11-Jan-2018

  • P093038 Software Description STARnet

    Complan is a Prototype Tool for Compositional Multi-robot Motion Planning for Complex Specification

    Indranil Saha (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Rattanachai Ramaithitima (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Vijay Kumar (Univ. of Pennsylvania), George Pappas (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Sanjit Seshia (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 10-Jan-2018

  • P093036 Software Description STARnet

    ARCHitectural EXploration framework (ArchEx)

    Dmitrii Kirov (Univ. of Trento), Pierluigi Nuzzo (Univ Southern California), Nikunj Bajaj (UC/Berkeley), Michele Lora (UC/Berkeley), Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 10-Jan-2018

  • P093035 NRI

    Computing with Ferroelectric FETs: Devices, Models, Systems, and Applications

    Ahmedullah Aziz (Purdue), Evelyn T. Breyer (NaMLab), An Chen (SRC), Xiaoming Chen (Institute of Computing Technology), Suman Datta (Univ. of Notre Dame), Sumeet K. Gupta (Purdue), Michael Hoffman (NaMLab), Xiaobo Sharon Hu (Univ. of Notre Dame), Adrian M. Ionescu (EPFL), Matthew J. Jerry (Univ. of Notre Dame), Thomas Mikolajick (NaMLab), Halid Mulaosmanovic (NaMLab), Kai Ni (Univ. of Notre Dame), Michael T. Niemier (Univ. of Notre Dame), Ian O'Connor (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Atanu Saha (Purdue), Stefan Slesazeck (NaMLab), Sandeep Krishna Thirumala (Penn State), Xunzhao Yin (Univ. of Notre Dame)

    Received 10-Jan-2018

  • P093034 Software Description STARnet

    Global Data Plane

    Eric Allman (UC/Berkeley), John Kubiatowicz (UC/Berkeley), Kenneth Lutz (UC/Berkeley), Nitesh Mor (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 9-Jan-2018

  • P093030 Software Description STARnet


    Hokeun Kim (UC/Berkeley), Salomon Lee (AlcaCruz Inc), Eunsuk Kang (UC/Berkeley), Marten Lohstroh (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 8-Jan-2018

  • P093013 STARnet Poster

    An Optimal Microarchitecture for Stencil Computation with Data Reuse and Fine-Grained Parallelism

    Yuze Chi (UCLA), Peipei Zhou (UCLA), Jason Cong (UCLA)

    Received 2-Jan-2018

  • P092957 Software Description STARnet


    Edward A. Lee (UC/Berkeley), Christopher Brooks (UC/Berkeley), Chadlia Jerad (UC/Berkeley), Hokeun Kim (UC/Berkeley), Elizabeth Osyk (UC/Berkeley), Marten Lohstroh (UC/Berkeley), Victor Nouvellet (UC/Berkeley), Matthew Weber (UC/Berkeley)

    Received 22-Dec-2017

  • P092944 STARnet Presentation

    Computing Near the End of Moore’s Law

    Jason Cong (UCLA)

    Received 21-Dec-2017

  • P092937 STARnet Paper

    MNCaRT: An Open-Source, Multi-Architecture Automata-Processing Research and Execution Ecosystem

    Angstadt Kevin (Univ. of Michigan), John Wadden (Univ. of Virginia), Vinh Q. Dang (Univ. of Virginia), Ted Xie (Univ. of Virginia), Dan Kramp (Univ. of Virginia), Westley Weimer (Univ. of Virginia), Mircea R. Stan (Univ. of Virginia), Kevin Skadron (Univ. of Virginia)

    Received 19-Dec-2017

  • P092935 STARnet Presentation

    Electronic Applications of 2D Materials

    Alan C. Seabaugh (Univ. of Notre Dame), Cristobal Alessandri (Univ. of Notre Dame), Sara Fathipour (Univ. of Notre Dame), Mina Asghari (Univ. of Notre Dame), Karla Gonzalez (Univ. of Notre Dame), Leitao Liu (Univ. of Notre Dame), Paolo Paletti (Univ. of Notre Dame), Pratyush Pandey (Univ. of Notre Dame), Susan K. Fullerton (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Christopher Hinkle (UT/Dallas), Andrew Kummel (UC/San Diego), Joshua A. Robinson (Penn State), Alejandro Strachan (Purdue)

    Received 18-Dec-2017

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