Southwest Academy of Nanotechnology (SWAN)

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    Leonard F. Register (UT/Austin), Sanjay K. Banerjee (UT/Austin)
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    1464.001 (University of Texas/Austin)


The Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI) of the Semiconductor Research Corporation has established three NRI Centers in the United States to search for a replacement for end-of-the roadmap complementary metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor logic (CMOS logic). One of these NRI Centers is the Southwest Academy of Nanoelectronics (SWAN) composed of researchers from The University of Texas at Austin (Banerjee, McDonald, Register, Gilbert, Sahu) Texas A&M University (Sinova), The University of Texas at Dallas (Vogel, Kim), Rice University (Massoud, Nordlander, Halas), Arizona State University (Shumway), The University of Maryland (Das Sarma), and Notre Dame (Porod, Bernstein). This poster will provide an overview of SWAN.

The over-arching theme of SWAN is to explore new means of performing logic through conceptualization, modeling and ultimately fabrication. Any solution must allow room temperature operation while consuming less power and, ideally, be denser and faster than CMOS. Approaches under consideration include exploiting novel computational state variables such as spin or, in other bi-level systems, "pseudo-spin" ("spintronics and "pseudopsintronics, respectively), relative phase of the quantum mechanical wave-function ("phasetronics"), many-body effects, and/or cellular automata. Novel materials and structures (nano-magnetic materials, graphene), interconnects and architectures, and nanoscale characterization are being addressed as part of this work.

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