Bulk and Surface Plasmon Polariton Excitation in RuO(2) for Low-Loss Plasmonic Applications in NIR

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    Lei Wang (William & Mary), Cesar Clavero (William & Mary), Kaida Yang (William & Mary), Elizabeth Radue (William & Mary), Matt Simons (William & Mary), Irina Novikova (William & Mary), Rosa Alejandra Lukaszew (William & Mary)
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    2115.001 (University of Virginia)


Transition-metal oxides, such as RuO(2), offer an exciting alternative to conventional metals for metamaterials and plasmonic applications due to their low optical losses in the visible and near-infrared ranges. In this manuscript the researchers report observation of optically excited surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and bulk plasmons in RuO(2) thin films grown using DC reactive magnetron sputtering on glass and TiO(2) (001) substrates. They show that both plasmon modes can exist simultaneously for the infrared region of the optical spectrum, while only the bulk plasmons are supported at higher optical frequencies. Finally, the researchers demonstrate that the film properties can be tailored to favor excitation of either SPP or bulk plasmons.

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