On the Realization of MnGe Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanowire SpinFETs

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    Kang L. Wang (UCLA), Jianshi Tang (UCLA), Tianxiao Nie (UCLA), Li-Te Chang (UCLA), Chiu-Yen Wang (UCLA)
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    1462.008 (University of California/Los Angeles)


As part of the NRI Benchmark study, the research team has contributed to the benchmark analysis of the SpinFET. This benchmark approach leverages works from various international groups that have previously undertaken device and circuit benchmarks of SpinFET (otherwise known as SpinMOSFET) devices and circuits. Various more common flavors of SpinFETs have been proposed which includes: Datta Das – high spin orbit coupling in a 2DEG gas, Spin-Valve Transistor Magnetic Tunnel Transistor, Magnetic bipolar transistor, Sugahara Tanaka (spin preservation), DMS SpinFET, and many others. This study will primarily focus on the Sugahara Tanaka device that incorporate source and drain electrodes with MgO barriers. For maximum spin filtering (100%), both source and drain are half metal ferromagnets. This implementation is the most compatible with existing CMOS technology and address practical concerns such as contact resistance. The on/off operation is achieved via two methods (1) The spin MOSFET gate modulates that Schottky barrier between the source and channel. (b) The “drain” free layer can be switched (via the MTJ and switch transistor) to the parallel (ON) or antiparallel (OFF) configuration with respect to the source polarization.

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