Experimental Demonstration of p-channel GaSb Homo-junction and InAs-GaSb Broken-gap Hetero-junction Tunnel FET

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    Bijesh Rajamohanan (Penn State), Dheeraj Mohata (Penn State), Y. Zhu (Virginia Tech), Mantu K. Hudait (Intel), Zhengping Jiang (Purdue), Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue), Qin Zhang (Univ. of Notre Dame), Oleg Kirillov (NIST), W. Li (NIST), Nhan V. Nguyen (NIST), David J. Gundlach (NIST), John Suehle (NIST), J. M. Fastenau (IQE Inc.), D. Loubychev (IQE Inc.), W. K. Liu (IQE Inc.), Theresa Stellwag Mayer (Penn State), Suman Datta (Penn State)
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    1806.005 (University of Notre Dame)


The researchers report on the first experimental demonstration of p-channel GaSb homo-junction (Homj) and InAs-GaSb broken-gap hetero-junction TFETs. Broken-gap TFETs exhibit a drive current (ION) of 35 μA/um at VDS= -0.5V, 115X enhancement over the GaSb Homj and is the highest value reported till date among III-V p-channel TFETs. The effect of scaling body thickness (Tbody) and structural quantization achieving high on-current and high on-off ratio in broken-gap complementary TFETs is presented.

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