A High-Efficiency High-Frequency GaN-Based Three-Level Isolated DC-DC Converter with Dynamic Dead-Time Controlled Synchronous Gate Drive

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    Jing Xue (UT/Dallas), Hoi Lee (UT/Dallas)
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    1836.144 (University of Texas/Dallas)


This paper presents techniques for high-voltage converters to achieve high power efficiency at high switching frequency. A quasi-square-wave zero-voltage switching isolated three-level half-bridge architecture is proposed to minimize the converter switching loss under high-voltage high-frequency conditions. A synchronous three-level gate driver with dynamic dead-time control is also developed to ensure reliability of all eGaN power FETs, automatically generate appropriate dead-time for all power FETs to achieve ZVS with minimal reverse bias behavior, and provide fast propagation delays for high-frequency converter operation. Implemented in a 0.5-μm HV CMOS process, the proposed gate driver achieves 15ns propagation delays and enables a 100V 35W isolated three-level half-bridge converter to achieve the peak power efficiencies of 95.2% and 90.7% at 1MHz and 2MHz, respectively.

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