Study of Bimetallic Corrosion for Cu Interconnect and IC Packaging Using Micro-Pattern Corrosion Screening

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    Nick Ross (Univ. of North Texas), Oliver Chyan (Univ. of North Texas), Arindom Goswami (Univ. of North Texas), Po-Fu Lin (Univ. of North Texas), Jason Snitker (Univ. of North Texas), Seare Berhe (Univ. of North Texas)
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    2535.001 (University of North Texas)


Aluminum bond pad corrosion activity and mechanistic insight at a Cu/Al bimetallic interface used in microelectronic packages for automotive applications is investigated by means of Microscopy, EDX and Electrochemistry. Impact of copper on aluminum corrosion was explored by copper micro-pattern screening technique and reveals three important findings that can provide mechanistic understanding for operational corrosion prevention: 1). Corrosion is activated on the Al/Cu bimetallic interface 2). The corrosion rate with Al/Cu bimetallic was much higher compared with bare aluminum. 3). Observed hydrogen gas evolution play a key role in Cu-Al bimetallic corrosion.

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