Coherent Diffraction Imaging of Buried Nanostructures in a Reflection Geometry with Extreme Ultraviolet Light

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    Christina L. Porter (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Elisabeth R. Shanblatt (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Dennis F. Gardner (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Giulia F. Mancini (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Robert M. Karl (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Michael Tanksalvala (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Charles Bevis (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Henry Kapteyn (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Margaret Murnane (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Daniel Adams (U. of Colorado/Boulder)
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    2443.001 (University of Colorado/Boulder)


Reflection-mode ptychography CDI is used with high harmonic generation illumination to image copper nanostructures buried beneath 100nm of aluminum. A modified version of ptychography CDI is utilized to obtain absolute reflectivity images, allowing non-destructive detection of diffusion and oxidation at the Al-Cu and Al-SiO2 boundaries, confirmed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy.

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