Coherent Ptychographic Imaging Microscope With 17.5nm Spatial Resolution Employing 13.5nm High Harmonic Light

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    Michael Tanksalvala (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Dennis F. Gardner (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Giulia F. Mancini (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Elisabeth R. Shanblatt (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Xiaoshi Zhang (Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories), Benjamin Galloway (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Christina L. Porter (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Robert M. Karl (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Charles Bevis (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Margaret Murnane (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Henry Kapteyn (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Daniel Adams (U. of Colorado/Boulder)
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    2443.001 (University of Colorado/Boulder)


In this work, a tabletop transmission-mode ptychographic microscope which uses coherent 13.5 nm Extreme Ultraviolet light is demonstrated. An image of a fresnel zone plate taken using this microscope is presented and compared to one taken with a scanning electron microscope. The new ptychographic microscope has a numerical aperture of .4 and demonstrates 17.5nm resolution. The source is an actively-stabilized 20fs, 2mJ, 3kHz, Ti:Sapphire laser with 785nm center wavelength focused into a 150um Helium-filled hollow-core optical fiber. The harmonics are focused using an off-axis spherical mirror.

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