Low-Cost, Single-Step Hybrid Bond/Barrier Films for Cu Bondlines in Advanced Packaging

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    Reinhold H. Dauskardt (Stanford)
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    2478.001 (Stanford University)
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The presence of defective native Cu-oxide has long been a challenge for the microelectronic packaging industry owing to its detrimental effects on adhesion, moisture sensitivity and stress migration. Here we show a low-cost, single-step, sol-gel process that is capable of simultaneously reducing the weak native Cu-oxide while depositing a densely connected hybrid-layer. With this hybrid layer, a marked 9-fold improvement in adhesion at the Cu/hybrid-layer/epoxy interface was observed, along with a substantial decrease in stress-migration rate of Cu during isothermal stress-relaxation experiment. Enhancement in interfacial adhesion at the Cu/hybrid-layer interface and the improvement in stress-migration performance were attributed to the partial reduction of the 2 nm native Cu2O layer as demonstrated by high-resolution bright-field TEM imaging. The hybrid-layer strategy we developed is expected to be effective in reducing stress- and the related electro-migration behavior of Cu as well as in being a candidate for adhesion improvement to Cu.

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Low-cost Hybrid Layers for Dual Cu/Epoxy Bonding/Barrier Function for Advanced Packaging
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