Live Demonstration: A 1024-Pixel CMOS Multi-Modality Sensing Array for Cell-Based Assays

  • Authors:
    Jong Seok Park (Georgia Tech), Moez K. Aziz (Georgia Tech), Taiyun Chi (Georgia Tech), Amy Su (Georgia Tech), Andrew Zhao (Emory Univ.), Hee Cheol Cho (Emory Univ.), Mark Styczynski (Georgia Tech), Hua Wang (Georgia Tech)
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    2728.001 (Georgia Institute of Technology)


We propose to exhibit a live demonstration of a CMOS multi-modality cellular biosensor array chip that can facilitate drug screening and cell-based assays. The multi-modality sensing functionality enables real-time measurements of multiple physiological parameters of biological cells and cell clusters, such as their electric potential, impedance, optical opacity, and bioluminescent imaging. Compared with existing single-modality sensors, our multi-modality sensor captures multi-physics cellular responses with a high spatiotemporal resolution, substantially expanding our capabilities of monitoring cellular states and understanding complex drug mechanistic effects. For our live demonstration, we will operate our CMOS sensor chip with testing samples to present its multi-modality sensing capability and clinical relevance.

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