Probing Emerging 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) and Integrated Hetero-structures Down to Atomic Scale

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    Moon Kim (UT/Dallas), Qingxiao Wang (UT/Dallas), Juan Pablo Oviedo Robles (UT/Dallas)
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    2383.001 (University of Texas/Dallas)
    2400.010 (University of Texas/Austin)


Material dimensionality plays a crucial role in determining material physical properties. For example, transition metal dichalcogenides exhibit diverse properties that depend on their composition: semiconductors, semimetals, metals, or superconductors. In exploring and developing these emerging materials, aberration-corrected electron microscopy-based techniques such as STEM-HAADF imaging, EELS and EDS, now capable of analyzing these materials with better than 0.1 nm resolution, becomes ever more important. In this talk, I will present our recent studies on the characterization of various 2D layered materials and their integrated hetero-structures for nano-electronics applications. Examples will include: 2H stacked, 1T stacked, and distorted 1T stacked TMDs. The location and nature of individual atoms, defects, interfaces, and in-situ phase transformation and shearing of 2D crystals will be presented and discussed in detail.

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