Weaving Social Fabric with a Home-to-Home Network

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    Meghan Clarke (Univ. of Michigan), Prabal Dutta (Univ. of Michigan)
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    2386.005 (University of California/Berkeley)


A compelling smart home application that holds mass appeal for users has yet to emerge. To envision the evolution of human-building interactions over the next few decades, we must determine what smart home capabilities might provide real, compelling value to occupants. We identify a category of applications -- social communication -- that has been critical to the success of previous networking technologies but which has been heretofore neglected by the domestic IoT market. We propose a novel application for social communication called Ghosting, which we show both fills an existing social need and is technologically feasible. We then imagine how a home-to-home network built on top of the Ghosting infrastructure could impact society by giving rise to new applications and new economies.

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