Boundary Polarization Induced Spins in Paramagnets: Device Implications

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    Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln)
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    2398.001 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)
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The magneto-electric antiferromagnets, like chromia, retain very high values of net spin polarization at the surface, when in the single domain state. This magneto-electric boundary polarization is retained at the interface between the magneto-electric and a paramagnet. The induced magnetic moment in the paramagnet is a proximity effect and often well described by mean field theory. Significantly, the magnetic moment induced in the paramagnet is reversible, by voltage controlled switching of the magneto-electric boundary polarization. The subject of induced polarization, at the boundary with a magneto-electric, is now a very active area of research. A number of devices have been proposed based on the concept – including both memory and logic devices. Both induced polarization, from several view points, and potential device implications will be reviewed.

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Boundary Polarization Induced Spins in Paramagnets: Device Implications
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