Unipolar Magnetoelectric Magnetic Tunnel Junction (UMMTJ) Devices and Circuits

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    Nishtha Sharma (UT/Dallas), Andrew Marshall (UT/Dallas), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln)
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    2398.001 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)


Many magneto-electric (ME) and similar advanced devices with inherent memory require switching between a positive and negative voltage (or current) to switch between the ME spin states. Use of such a “bipolar” switching regime requires additional components as well as complex circuitry. We here introduce variants to the magneto-electric magnetic tunnel junction device (ME-MTJ) which permits direct driving of ME-MTJ devices by a prior ME-MTJ device. This is the unipolar magneto-electric magnetic tunnel junction (UMMTJ) device. It enables full logic circuitry to be implemented without level shifting between each logic element.

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