Integration of Cu-Graphene Hybrid Interconnects with Damascene Process

  • Authors:
    Shengjiao Zhang (Purdue), Chun-Li Lo (Purdue), Sunny Chugh (Purdue), Zhihong Chen (Purdue)
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    Deliverable Report
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    2658.001 (Purdue University)

Research Report Highlight

Researchers have demonstrated the diffusion barrier property of graphene, and the impact in reducing the surface scattering in Cu resulting in a 25% reduction in resistivity.


This report describes our latest results on graphene growth on industrially relevant low-k dielectric substrates at a BEOL compatible temperature of 400 °C. TDDB is used to demonstrate the diffusion barrier property of graphene against copper and fabrication of dielectric trench structures for graphene growth is also demonstrated. Finally, the impact of graphene in reducing the surface scattering in copper deposited on it is studied and a 25% reduction in its resistivity is observed.

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