CNFD Semi-Annual Report, March 31, 2017

  • Authors:
    Evgeny Tsymbal (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Ilya Krivorotov (UC/Irvine), Andrei Slavin (Oakland Univ.), John Xiao (Univ. of Delaware), Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Vasyl Tyberkevych (Oakland Univ.), Chang-Beom Eom (U of Wisconsin/Madison), Uttam Singisetti (Univ. at Buffalo), Xia Hong (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Kirill Belashchenko (U Nebraska/Lincoln)
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    Annual Report
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    2398.001 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)
    2398.002 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)
    2398.003 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)


The Center for NanoFerroic Devices (CNFD) is focused on development of non-conventional, low-energy devices based on properties, materials, structures, and phenomena non-traditional for existing technologies, such as magnetoelectricity, ferroelectricity, and spin dynamics. CNFD exploits these concepts in novel devices utilizing state variables different from charge and exhibiting significant switching effects that are robust enough to be harnessed as manufacturable technologies.

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