INDEX Semi-Annaul Report, March 31, 2017

  • Authors:
    Alain Diebold (SUNY POLY), James Hone (Columbia), Philip Kim (Harvard Univ.), Cory Dean (Columbia), Kenneth Shepard (Columbia), Adhay Pasupathy (Columbia), Avik Ghosh (Univ. of Virginia), Paul McEuen (Cornell), Azad J. Naeemi (Georgia Tech), Joerg Appenzeller (Purdue), Zhihong Chen (Purdue), Vincent LaBella (SUNY POLY), Andrew D. Kent (NYU), Gang Xiao (Brown Univ.), Supriyo Datta (Purdue), Wolfgang Porod (Univ. of Notre Dame), Vidya S. Kaushik (SUNY POLY), Mark Passaro (SUNY POLY), Robert E. Geer (SUNY POLY)
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    Annual Report
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    2399.001 (SUNY Polytechnic Institute)
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Both the graphene PN junction (GPNJ) and the spin device themes made significant progress during the first half of 2016. This progress was reported at the INDEX Annual review on July 26 and 27, 2016 at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Theme III continues to fabricate wafers for both Themes. The review and this report address two questions posed by the NRI TPG:
• How well has the center performed after the re-alignment last year?
• What the center plans to focus on in the remaining 1.5 years to achieve the objectives in their proposals?
In order to address the realignment, two new PIs, Cory Dean and Wolfgang Porod, were added to INDEX and one was phased out. Due to the contracting process, the funding for both new PIs started in 2016. Previously Cory Dean provided low-temperature, magnetic steering measurements of transport across graphene p-n junctions without funding. The funding enables this work to continue. Additional funding for INDEX started in June, and went to Cory Dean in collaboration with Jim Hone to work on GPN junction engineering and new gate fabrication methods. Wolfgang Porod was added to Theme II to research low-magnetic-moment materials with the goal of having lower threshold currents for switching. Theme III continues to provide MTJ film stacks and wafers with buried W gates for GPNJ devices. Vidya Kaushik was named Theme III leader after he was elected to an adjunct faculty position.

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