SWAN Semi-Annual Report, March 31, 2017

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    Sanjay K. Banerjee (TI), Amir Yacoby (Harvard Univ.), Allan MacDonald (UT/Austin), Emanuel Tutuc (UT/Austin), Leonard F. Register (UT/Austin), Deji Akinwande (UT/Austin), Jiyoung Kim (UT/Dallas), Andrew Kummel (UC/San Diego), Christopher Hinkle (UT/Dallas), Ki Wook Kim (NC State), Robert M. Wallace (UT/Dallas), Moon Kim (UT/Dallas), Massimo V. Fischetti (UT/Dallas)
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    Annual Report
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There was a restructuring of SWAN after the mid-course correction. Certain tasks have been stopped or de-emphasized and those resources deployed in other tasks. Notably, circuit level modeling based on the Bilayer-pseudo Spin Field Effect Transistor (BiSFET) has been stopped, pending any experimental signature of the condensate. Also, BiSFET projects based on graphene have been stopped, as the consensus is that any condensates are unlikely to be observed at elevated (room) temperature in this system. Instead, the experimental efforts towards the search for the condensate are now focused on transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) heterostructures. The tasks based on Topological Insulator Magnetoelectric (TIME) device concepts have been scaled down, and efforts on Inter-layer Tunnel FETs (ITFETs) expanded. Large area graphene growth at UT Austin, and some of the organic dielectric growth programs at UCSD and UTD have been stopped. Instead, programs have been started on low resistance ohmic contacts to TMDs, as this is critical for both the search of the condensate and ITFETs.

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