Report to Femonstrate a Link with Polarization and Frequency Division Multiple Access with a Data Rate of 120 Gbps

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    Duncan L. MacFarlane (SMU)
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    Deliverable Report
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    1836.158 (Southern Methodist University)

Research Report Highlight

TxACE researchers at SMU report on the coupling element from an electronic chip to a dielectric waveguide that supports two states of polarization and have efficient transmission in the THz region with a 3.5 dB planned loss budget.


The task comprises the design, fabrication, test and application of novel dielectric waveguides for the propagation of THz and near-THz radiation supporting high-speed data transmission to provide interconnection between electronic chips and boards.

This report specifically focuses on design, fabrication and characterization of the coupling element from electronic chips to a dielectric waveguide. The transition element must support two states of polarization and have efficient transmission in THz region with 3.5 dB loss budget at each coupling point. This work is presented in the context of the demonstration of a link with polarization and frequency division multiple access with a data rate of 120 Gbps.

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