Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor with Steep Switching Slope and Non-Volatile Functionality

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    Suman Datta (Univ. of Notre Dame), Sumeet K. Gupta (Penn State)
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    Annual Review
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    2657.001 (University of Notre Dame)


Direct Ferroelectric Integration on Silicon Substrate (experiment): 1) thickness (tFE) scaling of non-perovskite FE dielectrics Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 (HZO) directly on silicon substrate; 2) characterize ALD HZO on Si with varying Zr concentration and tFE with tailored FE and AFE properties.

Scaled Hf1-xZrxO2 (HZO) thin film-based Hysteretic and Non-Hysteretic NCFETs (experiment): 1) explore HZO gated hysteretic NCFETs for non-volatile SRAM applications; 2) explore scaling of HZO to sub-4nm physical thickness for non-hysteretic NCFETs for logic applications.

NCFET-based logic, SRAMs and non-volatile flip-flops (modeling): 1) develop SPICE-based model for NCFETs based on the time dependent Landau Khalatnikov (LK) equations calibrated to P-E experiments; 2) explore implications of the switching time of ferroelectric polarization on the circuit performance; 3) explore read stability of SRAMs benefiting from a moderate hysteresis in the constituent NCFETs.

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