Final Report on A Programmable AFE for Self-powered Wireless SoCs

  • Authors:
    Yonatan H. Kifle (Khalifa University)
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    Publication Type:
    Deliverable Report
    Received Date:
    Last Edit Date:
    2440.019 (Khalifa University)

Research Report Highlight

ACE4S researchers at Khalifa present the final report for the task titled, "A Programmable AFE for Self-powered Wireless SoCs."


This report summarizes the progress and tapeout details of the Programmable AFE for Self-powered Wireless SoCs with task ID 2440.019. A 0.56μW AFE for ECG signal classifier SoC is implemented in 65nm 1P7M CMOS. A biopotential amplifier
intended for continuous monitoring of vitals characterized by its long operational lifetime is required to operate at the lowest power budget possible. Moreover, a compact active area directly related to portability is essential. A chopper-stabilized amplifier is designed at 0.6V supply voltage to mitigate the DC offset and near DC flicker noise. The input ECG signal level is further set by the four gain levels of the variable gain amplifier (VGA) to provide maximum swing to the ADC. Moreover, 11 bit SAR ADC which consumes only 2.56nW is implemented. 3.2μV/√Hz input referred noise at 0.6V supply voltage is achieved. Continuous amplitude detecting circuitry is integrated to monitor the input ECG signal level and auto-set the four gain levels of the variable gain amplifier. The whole system is integrated into a core area of 0.20mm2 and can operate at a wide range of 0.6-1.2V supply voltage.

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