Magneto-Electric Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Circuit Options

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    Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Nishtha Sharma (UT/Dallas), Andrew Marshall (UT/Dallas), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln)
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    2398.001 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)


The Magneto-Electric Magnetic Tunnel Junction (ME-MTJ) is a voltage controlled beyond CMOS device based on the principle of magneto-electric antiferromagnetic (ME-AFM) exchange biasing of chromia (Cr2O3) and Tunneling Magneto-resistance (TMR) of a Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) (fixed/free ferromagnet (FM) stack). These devices have previously been demonstrated for implementation of digital logic and memory applications. We here demonstrate for the first time their analog capabilities with a variety of analog functions adapted specifically to the specific characteristics of ME-MTJ – based devices.

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