Understanding Contact Gating in Schottky Barrier Transistors from 2D Channels

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    Abhijith Prakash (Purdue), Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh (Purdue), Peng Wu (Purdue), Joerg Appenzeller (Purdue)
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    2383.002 (Pennsylvania State University)


In this article, a novel two-path model is proposed to quantitatively explain sub-threshold characteristics of back-gated Schottky barrier FETs (SB-FETs) from 2D channel materials. The model integrates the “conventional” model for SB-FETs with the phenomenon of contact gating – an effect that significantly affects the carrier injection from the source electrode in back-gated field effect transistors. The two-path model is validated by a careful comparison with experimental characteristics obtained from a large number of back-gated WSe2 devices with various channel thicknesses. Our findings are believed to be of critical importance for the quantitative analysis of many three-terminal devices with ultrathin body channels.

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