Specializing a Planet's Computation: ASIC Clouds

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    Moein Khazree (UC/San Diego), Luis Vega Gutierrez (UC/San Diego), Ikuo Magaki (UC/San Diego), Michael Taylor (UC/San Diego)
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    2384.009 (University of Michigan)


ASIC clouds, a natural evolution to CPU and GPU-based clouds, are purpose-built datacenters filled with ASIC accelerators. ASIC clouds may seem improbable due to high nonrecurring engineering (NRE) costs and ASIC inflexibility, but large-scale bitcoin ASIC clouds already exist. This article distills lessons from these primordial ASIC clouds and proposes new planet-scale youtube-style video-transcoding and deep learning ASIC clouds, showing superior total cost of ownership. ASIC cloud NRE and economics are also examined.

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