An Accuracy Tunable Non-Boolean Co-processor using Coupled Nano-oscillators

  • Authors:
    Neel Gala (IIT Madras), Sarada Krithivasan (IIT Madras), Wei-Yu Tsai (Penn State), Xueqing Li (Penn State), V Kamakoti (IIT Madras), Vijaykrishnan Narayanan (Penn State)
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    2698.004 (University of Notre Dame)


In this paper, we explore the potential of Non-Boolean computing employing nano-oscillators for performing varied functions. We use a two coupled nano-oscillator as our basic computational model and propose an architecture for a non-Boolean coupled-oscillator based co-processor capable of executing certain functions which are commonly used across a variety of approximate application domains. The proposed architecture includes an accuracy tunable knob which can be tuned by the programmer at run-time. The functionality of the proposed co-processor is verified using a soft coupled oscillator model based on Kuramoto oscillators. The paper also demonstrates how real world applications such as Vector Quantization, Digit Recognition, Structural Health Monitoring, etc. can be deployed on the proposed model. The proposed co-processor architecture is generic in nature and can be implemented using any of the existing modern day nano-oscillator technologies such as RBTs, STNOs and MITs. In this paper, we perform a validation of the proposed architecture using the HyperFET technology based coupled oscillators which provides improvements of up to 3.5 increase in clock speed and up to 10.75 and 14.12 reduction in area and power consumption respectively as compared to a conventional Boolean CMOS accelerator executing the same functions.

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