Transceiver Measurement Report

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    Ademola A. Mustapha (Masdar Inst.)
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    Deliverable Report
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    2440.006 (Masdar Institute)


This document presents the measurements of a V-Band transceiver for near-field IoT without the conventional LNA, Mixers, PA and PLL building blocks and no external components except a battery or energy scavenger. The choice of V-Band enables small footprint and is conducive to low-power and low Energy/bit. The receiver has a low-power, OOK detection circuit, while the Tx is an amplitude-redistribution cross-coupled oscillator with on-chip resonator, quenched by transmit data. The transceiver has an integrated antenna shared by Tx and Rx. The design realized in a 65nm CMOS process occupies 2.75mm2 of chip area and consumes 52W in Rx mode and 1mW (10 W @ 1% duty cycle) in transmit mode with a data rate of 100kb/s. The receiver sensitivity for a BER of 10-3 is -42dBm for a Tx power of -10dBm.

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