Report on the Application of NEMO5 on Assessment of Band Tails and Tunneling Engineering with Respect to Nonlocal Phonon Scattering in III-V MOSFETs and TFETs

  • Authors:
    Tillmann C. Kubis (Purdue), Prasad Sarangapani (Purdue), James Charles (Purdue), Daniel A. Lemus (Purdue), Yuanchen Chu (Purdue), Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue)
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    Publication Type:
    Deliverable Report
    Received Date:
    Last Edit Date:
    2653.001 (Purdue University)


The verification of self-energies of NEMO5’s nonequilibrium Green’s function framework describing the scattering of electrons on polar optical phonons in III-V materials and devices was finished with scattering rates and Urbach band tail comparisons against experimental data. Excellent agreement with Fermi’s golden rule results was confirmed in all devices relevant for the ITRS and very good agreement with experimental bandtails was achieved. Polar optical phonon scattering in many band models are confirmed to follow the expected trends as well. This (nonlocal) phonon scattering is now fully supported within the new nonlocal recursive Green’s function method of NEMO5. First device results confirm the high impact of polar optical phonon scattering on transistor performances.

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