Compact Modeling and Design of Magneto-electric Transistor Devices and Circuits

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    Nishtha Sharma (UT/Dallas), Christian Binek (U Nebraska/Lincoln), Andrew Marshall (UT/Dallas), Jonathan Bird (Univ. at Buffalo), Peter Dowben (U Nebraska/Lincoln)
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    2398.001 (University of Nebraska/Lincoln)


A Verilog-A based model for the magneto-electric field effect transistor (MEFET) devices is implemented and a variety of logic functions based on the device are proposed. These models are used to capture energy consumption and delay per switching event and, to benchmark MEFET with respect to CMOS. Single source MEFET device can be used for conventional logic gates like NAND, NOR, inverter and buffer and more complex circuits like the full adder. The dual source MEFET is an enhanced version of the MEFET device which functions like a spin multiplexer (spin-MUXer). Circuits using MEFET require fewer components than CMOS to generate the same logic operation. These devices display a high on-off ratio unlike many magneto-electric devices, and they operate at very low voltages resulting in lower switching energy. Benchmarking results show that these devices perform better in terms of energy and delay for implementing more complex functions rather than the basic logic gates.

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